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Simple: Send a panoramic X-ray by e-mail and you will receive your treatment plan the same way within 1 business day. We analyze and discuss it by phone, WhatsApp or Messenger.

Fast: 1-2 weeks after accepting the treatment plan, we can start the dental treatment!

Best value for money: top quality at affordable prices!

We perform all kinds of dental treatments such as tooth extraction, fillings, dental implantation, replacement with bridges, porcelain or metal-free zirconium crowns and beside that we are very proud that our dental clinic is one of the very few in Hungary and in Europe in which we are able to perform complete dental rehabilitations too. Cases for example, when the patient would like fixed teeth, but he suffers from a lack of bone that makes this impossible and the only solution is the bone transplantation. Depending on the size of the bone deficiency, the bone can be replaced from the own jawbone/mandible, or from the hips and in extreme cases from the fibula, this is called the fibula flap mandible reconstruction. Our clinic presents a 98% – 99% success rate in tooth implantation and bone reconstruction!

About us: Since our opening in 1997, over the last 20 years, we have managed to build one of the most recognized and popular dental practice in Hungary and it has not been given for free! Beside basic conditions, professional development and high technology and professional background must consistently met, combined with speed and of course, must be affordable for everyone. Come and see it yourself at our luxury high-tech clinic with 6 dental teatment room and 1 surgery room in Budapest!

Professional Development – Our dental staff, in addition to their work and continuous experience, attends annual trainings and courses. Although all dentists have general training and over time, everyone is specialized, for now, these highly trained dental professionals, perform the tasks in their own field.


Preservative and conservative dentistry – keep as much as you can!

This category includes root canal fillings, tooth structures, tooth fillings, treatment of inflamed teeth. Root canal treatments in our clinic are performed only with a microscope, this is the most effective form of root and tooth retention!

Dental prostheses – looks like the natural!

Missing or damaged teeth are now being replaced with sophisticated materials and techniques that make it almost impossible to distinguish a tooth with a crown or a dental bridge from its own teeth. You can finally enjoy smile!

Implantation, dental implantation – for fix teeth!

The implant is the artificial root implanted in the jawbone, which holds the denture as stable as if it were our own. In order to be more and more successful, only dental surgeon specialists perform dental implantation and a state-of-the-art digital technology helps their work!

Dental Implants Cost Budapest, Hungary

Oral surgery – bone reconstruction!

The most common outpatient oral surgical interventions are: wisdom tooth removal, implantation, root peak resection, bone replacement surgery. The painless oral surgery exists, and it is guaranteed by our team of experienced oral surgeons, the high-tech operating rooms and the advanced digital technology.

Anesthesia – painless dental treatment!

In anesthesia we mainly perform preservative and oral surgery. We provide top level of care for our patients, and everything, like our high-tech Dragër anesthetic device with further professional equipments and of course the experienced in-hospital anesthetists are to help our dental surgeons in this.

Whole mouth dental reconstruction, rehabilitation

X-ray and CT lab – in place!

We have our own X-ray and CT lab beside the entrance of our clinic. Recordings for diagnosis, treatment, and control are made here. Thanks to the state-of-the-art computer network, the images are immediately sent to your dentist, but of course, our patients can receive the images on different media.

For detailes and further information on prices, on the procedure, on the surgery or to make an appointment, please contact us!