Hair transplant cost Budapest, Hungary

Hair transplant Budapest, Hungary

Come, visit and save in Budapest! Special prices and offers for 2020 – Pay from 1.49 EUR/graft. No minimum requirement in the number of transplanted hair, however, prices may vary by quantity. Don’t miss this opportunity, the only safe and permanent solution for baldness, and now accessible to everyone, like never before!


Hair implantation is the only permanent solution, and we recommend it to ladies as well as to men! It is true that more male patients are affected, since baldness affects more men than women, but finally for now, the affected women are increasingly subjecting themselves to hair transplantation as a permanent and final solution!


  • SAFE System FUE, from 1.45 EUR/graft (*)
  • Please also inquire about our special packages

(*)The average number of hair/follicles in each hair follicle unit/graft varies between 2.2-2.5.

Mamba FUE hair transplants


  • Uniquely in Hungary, beside the hair transplantation with FUE2 – SafeSystem, which is one of best „traditional” method, we offer the MAMBA System FUE too, the most modern existing system today.
  • Lifetime warranty for transplanted hair.
  • MAMBA System FUE, the most effective existing hair implantation technique that allows a perfect final result.
  • During the hair operation, the original hair is transplanted painlessly and without leaving a trace on the donor and on the implanted skin.
  • With the use of the most modern equipment, our experts guarantee the success of the hair transplant.
  • PRP therapy as part of the hair transplantation promotes and accelerates the adhesion of the transplanted grafts. As an individual treatment strengthens the protection of the existing hair bulb and increases the diameter of the hair.
  • Other modern stimulant and regeneration treatments, such as the RIGENERA, is also available in our clinic, uniquely in Hungary!
  • Precision improved to artistic perfection.
  • This new version of hair transplantation per unit, called the MAMBA System FUE, is not a traditional, but a multi-developed method, it is a procedure without cutting, suturing and without scars. It is more like a tattoo on the skin, so it is aesthetically pleasing and it’s without a trace and it is completly risk free. The potential complications are so mild that many countries consider this procedure to be dermatological and non-surgical.
  • Safety first! – Unlike in other uncontrolled clinics (typically non-Europeans), in our clinic is guaranteed, that the hair transplantation is performed only by medical specialists!
  • Just a short, few hours flight from any country in Europe.
  • High level of communication – we speak English, German, Spanish, Italian and Hungarian.


  1. Send by e-mail photos, taken by mobile is fine, of the bald (front-top-back) area and also from the donor area of your head, which is typically the back part and the lateral parts (left and right) around the ears.
  2. We will then send you by e-mail a treatment plan and a price quotation within 1 working day. We will also send you a patient questionnaire aswell! If you accept our offer, please send both of them back signed!
  3. We arrange the appointment for treatment for the agreed and selected time.


There are direct flights from most major European cities to Budapest, Hungary and last only 1-3 hours. The airline tickets, must be organized by the patient! On request, we will assist with hotel or apartment booking and airport transfers as well!



For further information on prices, on the procedure, surgery or to make an appointment at our hair transplantation clinic pls. contact: